Fake news spreads 100 times further than the truth

The spread of falsity* has serious implications for our democracies, our economies, our businesses, and even our security. We in Factiverse automate fake news detection using cutting-edge AI-based technology.


The unprecedented growth of the web, online news and social media has led to a paradigm shift in the way people consume information. As a consequence, spread of misinformation or fake news in online media has become faster and wider than ever before. 

There are several dedicated media outlets and experts that manually classify the credibility of news. However this process is slow, tedious and not scalable. 

At Factiverse we use the newest technologies to provide you and your company with the truth in a fast and effective way.  


Our mission is to provide effective credibility check for any online information


How do we do it?

We use Deep Learning
and natural processing language

We automate fake news detection by powerful deep neural networks which learn from past patterns of fake news in just a few seconds

we provide evidence and Summarize the reasons why a claim is false

Factiverse provides evidence in the form of a brief summary containing important points for classifying a certain claim as true or false


This powerful
technology can be used
in many industries

Our product can be customized for many different domains to combat damage to brand reputation, spread of disinformation etc. 


Our research


It took almost two years to develop the advanced technology of Factiverse. The research took place at University of Stavanger known for its internationally acknowledged cluster of AI and Big Data innovation. 

The project was initiated and led by our founder and CEO, Vinay Setty, who has spent 15 years researching artificial intelligence, text and graph mining. 

The result is a research prototype in deep neural network model to detect fake news. The experiments have given promising results and we have filed a US patent.


Our team consists of several individuals with international experience and backgrounds in data science, journalism and media business. Our investors have high-standing in the Nordic business tech community and have accomplished several exits. 


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Our vision is a universe where facts matter

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