Fake news spreads
100 times further than the truth

The spread of falsity has implications for our democracies, our economies, our businesses, and even our security.

How is your newsroom dealing with misinformation?


At Factiverse we automate detection of fake news with cutting-edge AI and NLP

Our robust deep neural networks learn from past patterns of fake news in just a few seconds. 

We provide you with evidence in the form of a summary containing important points for classifying a specific claim as true or false. 

This way, you can get access to effective credibility checks for any online information. 

Our products

Browser Plugin

Conveniently fact check the news and automatically identify fact-check worthy claims.


Submit textual claims and get them fact checked. We provide evidence for classifying a certain claim as true or false.

Intelligent Text Editor

Verify facts and extract evidence to provide references on the fly either you are a journalist or work with content.


We have done the math

The project was initiated and led by our founder and CEO, Vinay Setty, who has spent 15 years researching artificial intelligence, text and graph mining. 

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