A Shifter article about Factiverse

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On April 6, 2021, the online newspaper Shifter posted an article about Factiverse. Journalist Magnus Peter Harnes interviewed company founder and CTO Vinay Setty and cofounder and CEO Maria Amelie. The article tells the story of how it all started for Factiverse and what the goal of the company is. Factiverse, which started as a science project at the University of Stavanger in 2016, is today a company that works on developing a technology which is going to help journalists to do research and help them find information they can trust. 

“We started with a hypothesis that a “fake news” detector was needed. Journalists are often good at identifying fake news, but still need help with misinformation (Read our article about the difference between fake news and misinformation?). When someone makes a mistake, it spreads fast”. Amelie told Shifter. 

Read the full article here