Factiverse talks about dealing with misinformation at Better Together

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Maria Amelie (CEO of Factiverse) spoke with the host Anélique Culvin-Riccot at the last episode of Better Together`s spring edition (2021). They spoke about Factiverse in general, the state of journalism today and AI technology.

“A lot of content unintentionally has mistakes, which can easily spread and effect society, people and the economy in unexpected and negative ways, So, there is a lot to do in this field. There are many cases where AI is used not for good but for bad. AI is used to create a lot of fake information, so there is definitely a huge need to use AI for good and create better tools for fact checking and research”, Amelie said to Culvin-Riccot.

Better Together is a live webtalk from the Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken) which aims to spark conversations around insight, experiences, challenges, and solutions about different topics. You can watch the conversation here (you must subscribe for free to see the video).