Micro-facts 2021 JournalismAI Collab Challenges

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This spring, we joined the 2021 JournalismAI Collab Challenges. It is  a new series of collaborative experiments that bring together media organisations to explore innovative solutions that improve journalism via the use of AI technologies. 

The AI Collab is powered by the Google Digital News Initiative. With BBC News Labs, Clwstwr and Media City Bergen / NCE Media we explored how we might use modular journalism and AI to assemble new storytelling formats with focus on trust and facts.

The challenge this year was the following; “Our audiences want journalism they can trust and stories which explain and provide the context that helps them understand complex topics like the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. Can we use AI to help journalists write stories that better serve these needs?”

This is why we have developed Micro-facts, together with  Media City Bergen, the financial newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, and the regional newspapers Fædrelandsvennen and Stavanger Aftenblad. The goal is to include and encourage young people to increase their news consumption and understanding of political and financial news. 

Micro-facts’ engine looks up keywords and concept definitions from third-party sources and online encyclopedias. Furthermore, we are developing a journalist-facing frontend, where the highlighted words can be verified and modified. Going forward, we are planning on integrating this frontend with different newsroom CMSes.

We tested Micro-facts with a handful of students between 20 and 29 years old at Dagens Næringsliv’s offices. Our test pilots intuitively understood Micro-facts and commented the following:

                                           “I think this feature is useful when reading articles with complicated words”.

                                                                “It might enableme to read more of the text”.

Our Product Manager, Gaute Kokkvoll alongside Ketil Moland Olsen, Senior Project Manager at Media City Bergen presented Micro-facts at the Facts at your Fingertips: Automating Information Modules during The JournalismAI Festival. This Festival is organised by Polis – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – and supported by the Google News Initiative.


Interested in implementing Micro-facts in your CMS and improving the reading experience for your readers? Reach out to schedule a demo to learn more! 

Find more about Micro-facts here
Watch Micro-facts presentation at the JournalismAI Festival here

Photo: Media city Bergen