Who are our investors?

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Factiverse would not be what it is without it’s diverse field of investors. 

Recently, the company had the pleasure of welcoming Espen Egil Hansen as the new chairman of it’s board. Hansen comes from a background in some of Norway’s leading media companies.

Early investors in the company include entrepreneur Murshid Ali, founder of Huddlestock and the Oslo Stock Exchange-listed company Norsk Solar. Joining him is Petter Berge, his co-founder of Norsk Solar. Berge also co-founded Kolent, K30 Agency and Reemsys.

Rogaland-based innovation company Validé has been vital to Factiverse’s early growth. It’s CEO, Anne Cathrin Østebø, is an investor in Factiverse. Østebø is the chairwoman of Validé Invest, Rogaland Kunnskapinvest and FIN. Also from Validé is Director of Funds & Business Ventures, Eirik Sønneland. His experience includes a background in SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, and as the CEO of Biota Guard AS. 

Another important investor to Factiverse is David Baum, CEO of Stonehaven Ventures. Prior to that he was Head of Strategy, Director of eCommerce & Financial Services at Making Waves, and served as CEO of companies Monner and Finstart Nordic. 

Gisle Østereng is the investment manager of StartupLab, an incubator and early stage investor for Norway’s most ambitious technology startups.