Who we are

Our story

In 2019 Vinay founded Factiverse with support from Valide, University of Stavanger and local investors Murshid M. Ali and Petter S.Berge.

In spring 2020
Maria joined the team, and in 2021 we raised 1 million Euro in private and public funding and finished several accelerators like ITSA Growth and StartupLab. We assembled an ambitious team, landed pilot project with the main news agency in Norway, NTB and won several awards, like SR Bank Innovation Award.

In 2022
we are raising funding again and are working with several customers in media and finance.

Our aim is to become the preferred research tool for leading journalists, analysts and decision-makers.


Our Team

Prior to joining Factiverse Maria worked as a tech journalist since 2010, winning an award as Best Startup journalist in 2015. In parallel, she has written five non-fiction books on technology and migration, became Norwegian of the year in 2011 and built another successful startup - Startup Migrants.

CEO & CoFounder

Maria Amelie

Vinay founded Factiverse based on his research as associate professor in text mining at UiS. He has spent the past 12 years researching text and graph mining at Max Planck Institute, Aalborg University, UiO. In 2021, Setty Setty ventured deeper into fake news detection after internal funding at University of Stavanger (UiS) - (“Funds for Younger Excellent Researchers”) L3S Research Center at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (DE).

CTO & Founder

Vinay Setty

Gaute has experience in Gamification design, Consulting and Marketing Management. He holds a BSc in Creativity, Innovation and Business Development. He co-founded several startups like Bidra.no and worked with the Octalysis group.

Product Manager

Gaute Kokkvoll

Christopher is developing full-stack applications with web-based technologies. Previously, he was a systems engineer at Cisco with CCNP Enterprise and Security Qualifications.

Head of Engineering

Christopher Maxwell

Aleksander is a data scientist and currently enrolled in a MSc in Data Science at UiS in his fifth year.

Data Scientist

Aleksander Drzewiecki

Apoorva is a data scientist and currently enrolled in a MSc in Data Science at UiS. She holds a BE in Computer Science from The Oxford College of Engineering.

Data Scientist

Apoorva Ramesh

Data Scientist

Maximilian Reimer

Domante has experience as a front end developer and has worked with various startups.

Front-End Developer

Domante Stirbyté

Tobias has experience in web design, app development and UX/UI design.

Front-end developer

Tobias Tykvart


Aksha holds a BA in Business studies from the University of West London and is currently enrolled in MSc in Business administration at the UiS and a Business developer intern at Factiverse.


Aksha Fernando

Mats holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Stavanger and is a summer intern at Factiverse in 2022.


Mats Erik Nielsen

Erik is studying data science at the University of Stavanger and works as a summer intern at Factiverse.


Erik Martin

Investors & Board

Investor & Chairman

Espen Egil Hansen

International advisor at Politikens Hus Board member EqualityCheck Chairman Shifter Media

Prior to that:

Investor & Board

David Baum

CEO Stonehaven Ventures

Prior to that:

Investor & Board

Petter Selvikvåg Berge

Serial entrepreneur Renewables & Cleantech
Co-founder Skyfri

Prior to that:

Co-Founder of

Investor & Board

Eirik Sønneland

Director - Funds & Business Ventures at Validé AS

Prior to that:

Investor - StartupLab

Rolf Assev


Murshid M. Ali