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The amount of online information is increasing every second.
At Factiverse you get the full picture in a fast and effective way.


Decision makers are in need of credible information

Deep research takes time, and the increasing amount of misinformation is not making it any easier. Just in Oct-Dec 2020 Facebook removed 1.3 billion fake accounts from their platform.



Journalists, financial analysts and content creators are on the forefront of this challenge. They need the best possible tools to navigate online information and make informed decisions.

Our products

Monitor and discover

Monitor & generate the best ideas for articles, reports and investments.

Deep search

Deep search on disputed sources, greenwashing and risk.



Fact-check your article or social media post before publishing. Our AI suggests words that will enrich and nuance your content.


We have done the math

Our technology is based on research from University of Stavanger. Our co-founder and CTO Vinay Setty, is an award-winning scientist and associate professor in machine learning. He has spent 15 years researching artificial intelligence, text and graph mining.


Our robust deep neural networks learn from past patterns of misinformation and desinformation and provide you with an overview.


We stand on the shoulders of giants

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