Meet our team

Vinay Setty

CEO / Founder

Maria Amelie


maria @

Eirik Sakariassen

Data Scientist

Bjarte Botnevik

Data Scientist


Meet our investors and advisors

Murshid M. Ali

  • Investor
  • Currently: Co-founder/CIO Norsk Solar
  • Prior to that: Co-founder of Norsaco, Reemsys and Huddlestock

Petter Berge

  • Investor
  • Currently: Co-founder/CDO Norsk Solar
  • Prior to that: Co-founder of K30 agency, Kolent and Reemsys

krisztian balog

  • Scientific Advisor
  • Professor at University of Stavanger/Professor II at NTNU
  • Staff Visiting Faculty Researcher at Google


Our vision is a universe where facts matter

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